Student's Farewell Address to Mr. M. H. Durrani, Founder of ZHCET, on his departure from AMU

Part 1
(Farewell address text for easy reading)


It is with a heavy heart that we have assembled here this evening to bid farewell to you sir, our beloved and revered teacher and founder of this College. To cite just a few, sir, it were you who started this College by training city urchins on your car and your lathe in a small 10'x10' room whose floor you yourself used to sweep clean. From that humblest yet, noblest, beginning you developed the College step by step, instituting progressively, electricians, Diploma and Degree courses.

Your Association with this College has been distinguished, valuable and long, rather longer than its real life. For instance, sir, you were the first Principal of our College, you were the first Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, you were the first President of the Engineering Association, you were the first Workshop Superintendent, you were the first Superintendent of Electrical Laboratories and last but not the least, you were the first and foremost to capture our hearts and mind.

Your selfless services and sincere devotion to the College has earned you an enviable place never to be forgotten for all times to come.  You have almost given your all, even your precious health towards the fostering and nourishing of our College.  We are sure that your departure will now be deeply regretted by all your peoples, past and present.

Some of us have had a big span of contact with you, yet all of us, those who have had the privilege of knowing you for a long time, equally with those who have been your people for a few months have been deeply impressed by your high sense of  duty and character.  By personal life as much as your official positions, you have exercised a profound and indelible influence on the morale and intellectual development of generation of students. A devotee of learning and strict disciplinarian, your parental wisdom has been evident to us equally when you have castigated us for occasional failure to live up to your ideals and when we have sought in distress your instituted help and guidance.  Whether it concerned our studies or whether we were bewildered about our personal affairs and about our future, you have not spared yourself to set us on the right path by your urbane and dignified manners, your even temper and the essential kindness of your demeanor, you have held out to us an unforgettable pattern of humane scholarship.

Believe us, sir when we say that we very keenly feel the sorrow of impending separation from you.  This is no occasion fully to expiate upon our appreciation and indebtedness to you and indeed that would be a task beyond the capacity of our expression, but we can only offer you the genuine love and reverence of our heart.

Whatever our shortcomings have been we pray and believe, sir, that you in the abundance of your forgiving spirit, will remember your students.  We pray to Allah, the Almighty, that he may spare you for many more years to come to disseminate the same kindly wisdom that has blessed all your students of Aligarh.

We beg to remain
Your most obedient & respectful
Students of the Engineering College
Dated: 23-12-54