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Intern Leadership Program

ZHCET-NA Leadership Internship Program: The main goal of this program is to develop and groom current ZHCET students into future leaders. Job responsibilities of the intern will include:
  • ZHCET-NA website development and maintenance.
  • Participating in teleconference call and providing feedbacks on behalf of ZHCET Students.
  • Sharing information about ZHCET-NA and its projects at various social media platforms
  • Acting a link between Alumni and ZHCET student community.
  • Launching ZHCET membership drive in US.
  •  Helping board members in organization activities.
  •  Documenting various ongoing projects.


       Nov. 2013: Announcement for ZHCET-NA Ledership Internship Program (Spring 2014)


1.     Undergraduate ZHCET Student (B.Tech only)

2.     Must be a Tech savvy

3.     Passionate about social media.

4.     Knowledge of website portal development 

5.     Video editing skills

6.     Good Written and Oral Communication skills

7.     Expert in MS PowerPoint

Selection Process:

1st Round

Imagine year 2015, how would you like to interact with Alumni using current technology? What type of activities would you like to see happening at ZHCET campus initiated by ZHCET-NA. Express it in PPT slides (not more than 15 slides). Be as Creative as you can.

Develop one creative student project which will fulfill one or more of ZHCET-NA goals mentioned at Homepage and can be sponsored by our organization in near future. List potential advantages to student community, AMU and Alumni community. Write it in less than 300 words (MS word)

Please send PPT and MS Word document to . Last date to apply is 23rd November, 2013.

2nd Round

Telephonic Interview by ZHCET-NA representatives.

If you have any queries, please email us at .