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Request for Fundraising Program (RFP-2014)

In order to support genuine needs of students (like participation in national or international conferences), faculty (equipment purchasing for research, attending conferences, outside testing), we will do fundraising. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Following items will be needed from students:

1) Funds request letter or video for Alumni. For example please see SAE club video.  
2) Cost breakup for the project (Preferably excel sheet or google spreadsheet)
3) What benefit AMU and ZHCET will get, if we decide to support you? (MS word document max 300 words)
3) Bank account number 
4) CV of the students with phone number to contact.
5) A letter of support from Dean or Principal and one department Professor 

Please send above documents to If you have any questions, please email us at

ZHCET-NA will decide whether or not to financially support student/project. We will verify all the information provided by candidate. Any candidate misrepresenting information will automatically be disqualified and blacklisted. For genuine applicants, in case the request is rejected by board, ZHCET-NA will pass on info to other AMU alumni related organizations and yahoo-groups. ZHCET-NA will only act as an interface between student and other alumni and will not take any credit if any alumni financially support him. 
All the applications that we will receive will be archived below.



Jan 9: Sidhika and Bhoomika request for conference funding (International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (ICACT) 2014)

Status: Rejected and forwarded to alumni network

ZHCET-NA would like to thank Anonymous donor who supported Sidhika and Bhoomika to present their paper in IEEE conference. We also like to appreciate the role played by Aligarh Forum and its moderator in getting student connected to potential donor.

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