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Research Internship Program

Mission Statement: To engage Z. H. College of Engineering and Technology undergraduate students, faculty, and alumni to address national issues by consumer-driven science and engineering-based innovative solutions.

Research Internship Program was formally launched in 2014. Goals of this programs are shown below; 

To motivate students to pursue research careers and higher studies in North America
To promote and create an environment for collaborations between AMU and well renowned North American Universities
To encourage interdisciplinary research activities in AMU
To promote leadership, improve communication skills, and provide the students hands-on practical experience
To promote social entrepreneurship among students

ZHCET-NA Research Internship Program 2014: ZHCET-NA Research Internship Program will provide challenging problems to students in the broad areas of Environment, Energy, Health, Nanotechnology, and Materials. Selected students will work on defined projects under the mentorship of US and AMU faculty members, and industry experts from the ZHCET-NA team.

Our expectations from ZHCET-NA Interns are; 

To publish at least 1 paper in well renowned international conference or journal paper by the end of this internship

To participate in one national/international level competition showcasing the final product of this project
To transfer knowledge base to juniors who can carry the research forward
To use project idea for their final year projects

Research Interns 2014

Ms. Sameerah Desnavi (Electronics Engineering, B.Tech. III)

Project #1: Rapid and Multiplexed Diagnostic Test for Milk Adulteration on Easy to Print Paper Devices  Read More

Mr. Abshishek Kumar Sharma (Civil Engineering, B.Tech. Final)

Project #2: Examination of the use of Nanotechnology to Control Emissions due to Biodiesel Combustion Read More

Mr. Shahrukh Ahmad (Civil Engineering, B.Tech. Final)

Project #3: Analysis and Treatment of Slaughter House Wastewater Read More

Program Steps

Step 1: Literature review (1st and 2nd month)

Outcome: At the end of the literature review process, provide us a concise summary of the project in 2-3 pages. First introduce the problem, support the problem with the research work already reported, missing links, research hypothesis, and research approach.  Include table or schematic if necessary. Also ensure to cite key publications (e.g., 15-20 papers) in that area.

Step 2: Proposed solution + Initial Results by Interns (3rd Month) 

Outcome: Provide us the list of instrument, regents, materials, or any other support needed for the project.

ZHCET-NA quarterly review- Go or Stop

Step 3: Implementation (4th and 5th month)

Step 4: Testing and Verification (6th month)

Project report evaluation and final review by ZHCET-NA team
Step 5: Publication (7th -9th month)

Outcome: Propose relevant conference and journal to present and publish the work.

We like to thank all faculty members in USA and India who are helping us in this program, without their support and encouragement, this would not be possible. This is one of the unique program that we feel will change the way we think about internship and research.


       Nov. 2013: Announcement for ZHCET-NA Research Internship Program (Spring 2014) 

ZHCET-NA is pleased to announce 2 unpaid research internship positions for ZHCET students based in A.M.U (India). Interns will be selected based on academic merit and their interest in higher education. ZHCET-NA Research Internship Program will provide challenging problems in the broad areas of Environment, Energy, Health, Nanotechnology, and Materials. Interns will perform literature review and propose potential solutions towards its field implementation. During the internship, candidates will work with an assigned AMU Faculty member and will also be mentored and evaluated by ZHCET-NA team consisting of members from Industry and Academia in the U.S. Initially, this program is designed for 6 months, which may be extended depending on the candidate’s performance and need. Candidates are expected to have a product or a report at the end of the internship. The report will be in the form of a draft manuscript for an international journal relevant to the research work. ZHCET-NA will also support the candidates to present their research in domestic conferences.

Position 1


3rd year or Final year B.Tech student of Civil Engineering
Interested in research and strong desire to pursue higher studies
Good written and oral communication skills

Position 2


Third year or Final year B.Tech student of Electronics, Computer or Electrical Engineering
Proficient in microcontroller programming
Good knowledge of database management, image processing and wireless sensors.
Interested in research and strong desire to pursue higher studies
Good written and oral communication skills

Selection Process (for both positions)

1st Round: Application submission

Prospective candidates should submit;

Copy of Transcripts
Cover letter describing the applicant's research interests and career goals

Please send the documents to Queries can be directed to Last date to apply is 23rd November, 2013.

2nd Round: Interview

Telephonic interview by ZHCET-NA representatives and AMU faculty members