2014 RoboCon Contest

ZHCET team participated in RoboCon 2014 for first time

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About RoboCon

The Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU Robocon) is an Asian Oceanian College robot competition, founded in 2002 by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. In the competition robotscompete to complete a task within a set period of time. The contest aims to create friendship among young people with similar interests who will lead their countries in the 21st century, as well as help advance engineering and broadcasting technologies in the region. The event is broadcast in many countries through ABU member broadcasters.

Each year the competition has different topics, but generally speaking two or more robots must be used to complete the tasks. One of the robots would be manual control while the others are automatic. The best robots usually weight more than 10kg and span in one square meter area. To build the robots, contestants, who are restricted to be undergraduate students, must possess rich knowledge in programmingmechanical design and electronic circuit design.

Theme of RoboCon India -2014

Theme of RoboCon-India

Request for Funding Letter (from RoboCon Team) 

Dear Alumni,

We are the students of our beloved ZHCET, AMU. This year we are participating in an International event "Robocon 14". Robocon, short for Robotic Contest, is an interesting game - cum - intellectual exercise for budding engineers and their enthusiastic instructors, determined to innovate and create machines for producing desired results. Participation in this activity is an end - to - end competitive experience from concept design of a system of robots programmed to perform according to rules of the game played on a high precision technical Contest Area and to score a victory beating the competitors; all this according to a theme declared by the Host Country. International Robocons are mainly sponsored by Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) which includes Doordarshan (Prasarbharati) of India as a member which has been organizing all activities in India for last Nine years with collaboration with MIT Group of Institutions Pune, India.

This year India is hosting Robocon, the National event is on 6th-8th March whose top two team will represent India in the International event on 24th August 2014. This year's theme for Robocon is "A Salute to the Parenthood", we have to make two Robots: one Autonomous (as child) and one Manual (as a parent). The Child robot has to be a biped robot and do activities like playing seesaw, climb ladder, swing and pole walk. The Parent robot will be controlled manually to pick and drop the child robot in the respective activity areas.

We are a team of 29 students of various branches, with Prof. Ekram Khan as our instructor. Representing ZHCET alone on such a big and challenging format will make it come into limelight. This will help ZHCET to mark its presence in the industry and henceforth prove that its students are no less in terms of capability and skills.

To motivate the teams there are several awards like the best idea, best design, best engineering, best 1st timer award etc. But the best reward for us will be an exposure to best engineering practices and innovative skills accomplished by the most talented professional in India. This rare industry exposure to all future networking and professional advancement will have a long term benefit for the student community of ZHCET.

For completing this project we believe that we the enthusiasm, knowledge and skills. But where we lag behind is in terms of financial support, we request all our Alumni to help and support us in achieving our objectives and we will make sure that there is no corner left in our hard work.



AMU Robocon Team '14

ZHCOET RoboCon 2014 Team

Sl. No. Designation Name (In Capital Letters) Discipline / Year
1 Instructor Dr. Ekram Khan Professor
2 Team Leader Shahrukh Ashraf Electronics/4th
3 Manual Operator Abhishek Pathak Mechanical/4th
4 Automatic Operator Rajat Agarwal Electronics/4th
5 Team Member Prashant Singh Mechanical/4th
6 Team Member Shashank Gupta Mechanical/4th
7 Team Member Sidhika Varshney Electronics/4th
8 Team Member Yoshita Bardhan Electronics/4th
9 Team Member Mohammad Asif Electrical/ 4th
10 Team Member Himank Gulati Electronics/4th
11 Team Member Harris Siddique Electronics/3rd
12 Team Member Ali Shazan Electrical/3rd
13 Team Member Aftab Usmani Electronics/3rd
14 Team Member Adil Shareef Electronics/3rd
15 Team Member Vaibhav Gupta Electronics/3rd
16 Team Member Rachit Bansal Electronics/2nd
17 Team Member Mayank Mishra Electronics/2nd
18 Team Member Ronil Stieven Electronics/2nd
19 Team Member Ayush Gupta Mechanical/3rd
20 Team Member Umair Ashfaque Mechanical/3rd
21 Team Member Jatin Varshney Mechanical/3rd BE
22 Team Member Ayush Varshney Mechanical/3rd
23 Team Member Arpit Upadhyay Mechanical/2nd
24 Team Member Anchal varshney Mechanical/2nd
25 Team Member Himanshu Sharma Mechanical/2nd
26 Team Member Ashish Maheshwari Mechanical/2nd
27 Team Member Tushar Singhal Electronics/2nd
28 Team Member Irfan Khan Mechanical/2nd
29 Team Member Musfera Javed Mechanical/1st
30 Team Member Mohd Yaqzan Mechanical/1st