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SSESA Scholarship

We are reaching out to you to request your help and assistance in helping meritorious ZHCET students seek admission to Graduate programs in USA and Canada. Working in partnership with Sir Syed Emerging Scholar Award (SSESA) program, ZHCET-NA has instituted higher education scholarships for academic year 2013-14. These scholarships will be awarded to current ZHCET students (3rd/4th year B.Tech, M.Tech) and ZHCET alumni in India who are interested in pursuing Graduate programs (MA/MBA/MS/PhD) at US and Canadian universities. The scholarship will cover GRE/GMAT and/orTOEFL examination fees and graduate program application fees for up to 5 universities for each student.

Over 60 students and alumni of ZHCET applied for the scholarship. After review of the academic merit of each applicant, results of the written test, and interviews conducted by the distinguished panel of teachers and alumni, 13 students and alumni of ZHCET were selected for award. The interview panel comprised of the following distinguished professors and alumni of AMU:

  • Prof. Saleemuddin (Biotechnology),
  • Dr. Suhail Sabir (Chemistry),
  • Dr. Saif Hasan (Purdue University, USA),
  • Prof. Mahdi Rizvi (Engineering),
  • Prof. Badar Iqbal (Commerce) and
  • Dr. Asadullah Khan (Biotechnology).

We are pleased to inform you that the following students of ZHCET, in alphabetical order, have been selected for SSESA awards for the year 2013-2014:

  • Mahvash Afzal
  • Mohammad Anas
  • Anas Anees
  • Priyanka Gupta
  • Asad Habeeb
  • Mohd Kashif
  • Maaz Khan
  • Zeba Khanam
  • Rishabh Kumar
  • Ali Ahmad Mohdi
  • Ali Muzaffar
  • Taru Saraswat
  • Mohammad Haris Shamsi
In order for ZHCET-NA to financially support three students, we need your help to raise $2,400. Also we will be mentoring all these students until they secure admission in US universities.These funds will help us support and guide these meritorious students. Please contribute generously towards this cause. 


You may
  • Click on the donate link and donate securely via paypal, or
  • Make your check payable to ZHCET-NA and mail it to ZHCET-NA, 600 S. Frederick Avenue, Suite 104, Gaithersburg, MD 20877