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Research Assistant Positions for Prospective PhD students in Civil Engineering at Clemson University

There are open PhD positions in the civil engineering department at Clemson University. Students who will start from Fall 2013 are expected to be hired for these positions. The selected candidates will work on their doctoral research in the area of infrastructure resiliency and sustainability under the guidance of Prof. Kalyan Piratla. The work will involve computational simulation for the resilience modeling of civil infrastructure networks. The work will be inter-disciplinary in nature and may involve collaboration with other PhD students here at Clemson. Students with bachelors and masters in civil engineering are preferred for these positions. These positions come with a full tuition waiver and stipend. All interested and qualified candidates are advised to apply soon.To apply:

Please send Prof. Piratla an email expressing your interest in applying for these positions. Also please attach your resume. His email is