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Graduate research assistant (GRA) positions are available for new Ph.D. students starting in Fall 2013, in the research group of Professor Xiaodong Cai in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Miami. GRAs will work on research projects in computational biology, machine learning and data mining. Students majoring in statistics, applied mathematics, physics, computer science or electrical engineering, with good programming skills are welcome to apply for the position. Background in biology is not required but the student should be willing to learn biology during the course of research. The GRA will be offered an annual stipend of USD $24,800, waiver of tuition and other benefits including medical insurance.To apply, Prospective students please send a detailed CV to Prof. Cai at

Prof Saman A. Zonouz from Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of Miami is looking for new graduate students with strong ECE and/or CS backgrounds. Interested candidates, please send your resume to

His area of interests are intrusion response and recovery, information flow-based security metrics for power-grid critical infrastructures, online digital forensics analysis and monitorless recoverable applications.

For more information, Please visit his website:

Prof. Ismail Guvenc from Florida International university is looking for one Ph.D. student (with an MS degree) and one postdoc to join his research team at FIU during Spring-2013 or Fall-2013. Research topics are related to heterogeneous and small cell networks, and both students are expected to have a relevant publication track record. Interested candidates can submit their resumes to

The Lightwave and Microwave Photonics Lab (WAVE Lab) at the University of Georgia, Athens has openings for graduate students with interests in Photonics, Lightwave Neuromorphic Signal Processing, and Microwave Photonics. Areas of research in WAVE Lab include optical hybrid analog/digital processing of signals based on neuromorphic algorithms, processing of microwave signals based on ultrafast optical techniques, and all-optical signal processing based on (nonlinear) photonics. We have a well-equipped research lab where we conduct experiments in the above areas.

While students who would like to pursue graduate studies in one of the general areas listed above are preferred, students are encouraged to develop their own research projects depending upon their interests and the resources in WAVE Lab. Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. degree are preferred, though exceptional students interested in a M.S. degree will be considered. Graduate research assistantships are available that includes a monthly stipend and full tuition waiver.

Athens, home to the University of Georgia, is located 70 miles northeast of Atlanta and offers a strong health-care system, affordable home/apartment rental prices, and educational amenities. Unlike other engineering schools, the University of Georgia’s College of Engineering is organized without departmental boundaries to promote advanced studies at the interface of disciplines.

Prospective students are recommended to contact the WAVE Lab director – Dr. Mable Fok at and read the following webpages for more information. For full consideration, please submit applications no later than January 31, 2013.


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